Stiff Upper Lip – Lip Stain


Younique Stiff Upper Lip – Lip Stain

Younique offers this stain in 7 shades.  This is a product that I will eventually have in every color.  I love lip products, period.  First, make sure your lips are exfoliated.  We are in the middle of winter, applying layer after layer of wax products, oils etc.  For lipstain to apply evenly and not be repelled by all those other products, they should be exfoliated.

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My skin tone is very fair.  When my lipstick or lipgloss wears off, my lips almost disappear on my face and I am ALWAYS checking my lip color.  No more.  I use this product in three ways.  I use it by itself.  This is a matte finish, I use “Shy” for my everyday go to color.  It looks very natural.  If I want a gloss, I add gloss over it after it has dried for a minute or so.  I usually use Moodstruck Minerals Lucrative Lipgloss in “Loyal” – clear.  I also use this color as a base for lipsticks.  This provides a long lasting base for your favorite lipstick.  In the event my lipstick wears away, my lips still have color until I can do a touch up.

The video below shows the lipstain in “shy” in 1, 2 and 3 coats from top to bottom.  I did let the color dry between coats